If you're an ex-pat, like me, then our British Bites Bistro should offer you a heaping helping of home with a steaming side of nostalgia. Or, if you're a curious Yank, you're sure to have fun discovering the delicious flavours that got lost in translation. Wherever you're from, you're always welcome!

Bistro Menu 




Bread choice: Multi grain, White, Croissant, Crusty roll, Sourdough or Gluten free.


Beef & Rocket - Thinly sliced Beef with Arugula & Horseradish.

Brie, Rocket & Tomato - French Brie, Arugula & Sliced Tomato.

Cheese & Pickle - English Cheddar & Branston pickle.

Coronation Chicken -  Chicken, Mayo & Apricot puree with a distinct curry flavor.

Egg Salad - Chopped hard boiled egg with Salad Cream & Mayo.

Ham & Tomato - Ham off the bone & thinly sliced tomato.

Salmon & Cucumber - Mashed red Salmon with Malt Vinegar & English Cucumber.

Turkey/Ham, Brie & Cranberry - Turkey or Ham, sliced Brie & Cranberry sauce.

Cream Cheese & Cucumber - Garlic & Herb cream cheese with sliced English Cucumber.

Ham/Cheese Ploughmans -  Ham or Cheddar with With Branston Pickle, lettuce & Tomato.


* Turn any sandwich into a salad




Cream of Tomato - Served with a crusty roll & butter.

Potato & Leek - Served with a cheese scone.

Vegetarian Chili - Served with a garlic scone.

Soup of the day - Varies.


Half Sandwich & Soup combo - Bread choice: Sourdough, White, Multigrain or Gluten free.


Hot Food


Ham & Cheese Quiche - Pastry crust filled with Ham, English Cheddar & red onion.

Cottage Pie - Ground beef & mixed vegetables in a brown gravy topped with mash & cheddar.

Chicken & Mushroom Pie - Chopped Chicken breast, mushrooms & peas baked in pastry.

Steak & Guiness Pie - Diced steak, mushrooms & onions slowly cooked in  a Guiness gravy & baked in pastry.

Bangers & Mash - British style bangers with mashed potatoes, Peas & onion gravy.

Mac & Cheese - Homemade macaroni & Cheese made with English Cheddar.

Teacup Scramble - Scrambled eggs with a choice of cheddar, red onion.

Fish Dippers - Minced fish & potato in breadcrumbs served with ketchup & a small portion of Mac & Cheese.

Jacket Potato - Choice of fillings: Baked Beans, Cheddar Cheese, Coronation Chicken, Vegetarian Chili.




Side Salad

Baked Beans

Peas or Mushy Peas

Bread - Multi grain, White or Gluten Free


Crusty Roll

Mashed Potato

Clotted Cream & Jam


Butter & Jam


Light Bites


Beans on Toast - British Baked Beans on choice of toasted bread.

Welsh Rarebit - English Cheddar on toast with mustard & a sliced tomato.

Crumpets - Two English Crumpets served with butter & jam.




Banoffee Tart.

Spotted Dick & Custard.

Golden Syrup sponge & Custard.

Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Eton Mess.


*Keep a look out for Seasonal specials*





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